5 LGBTQ Scientists Who Made History to Celebrate LGBTSTEM

Staying under the haze of gender discrimination was once claimed to be only for women. Over time, the facts disclosed as an epiphany for many people that beneath those layers of downright partial treatment was another group-the LGBTQ. The subject has been carried on for all these years to be a sensitive one to be talked about. The air we breathe, and the red blood that flows have the same density for these humans that are considered to be of lower standards.

Although the disguise of elegance lets no portion of the distaste people in STEM have for the LGBTQ community, there has been a history that holds valid for the blatant partiality they have faced. The international celebration of LGBTSTEM day has washed off the stigmatizing face of STEM to a great degree. Many of the transgender people have endured the worldly claws of devilry in the form of incessant harassment both at the workplace and other public spots. Several reports of the LGBTQ students being tormented surfaced in STEM in the past years, which has alleviated to a great extent; one of its biggest indications being the LGBTSTEM day. Here are some of the queer scientists in history who are believed to have contributed immensely towards the celebration of the LGBTSTEM day.


1.Leonardo da Vinci

Walter Isaacson’s biography was in a lot of ways life-changing to many people, especially to the lovers of science. In the biography, Leonardo da Vinci, a man of great wisdom who has contributed to the field of art and science is presented as a gay man who lived his life openly.

2.Sir Francis Bacon

Besides the tag of a scientist, Bacon was also a philosopher, jurist, and a politician. He has been considered the father of modern science and a figure of inspiration for all the people at STEM for the life he led. Despite the backlash he supposedly received for his sexuality, the contributions he made to the field were praiseworthy.

3.Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton


He is the man, most commonly, known for the discovery of gravity through the incident of an apple falling to the ground. What else do people know about this scientist, apart from such scientific contributions of his? It has not yet been proven that he was a homosexual, but allegedly there have been several past reports saying that he was a repressed homosexual. He was supposed to be suffering from a few mental issues, which some people believe was the spur to realizing his true self.

4.Florence Nightingale

A world-famous icon of selfless service, Florence Nightingale, was recognized by people after the period of Crimean War where she nursed the soldiers. This religious woman, who was also the founder of modern nursing, was said to be a repressed homosexual. Although there has been no substantial evidence for this, the LGBTQ community consider her as a muse.

5.Alan Turing

The Enigma machine that Alan Turing invented was a ground-breaking one which played a key role in the victory of the Allies in World War II. He was well-known for the mathematical marvels he created, but also did he conquer the hearts of many people through the purgatory half of his life. He was made to undergo hormonal treatment for being a homosexual, which resulted in impotence and finally, suicide.


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